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Pane $5.00
Fresh bread, balsamic, Westbury Grove olive oil

Olives $14.00
Warm marinated green olives, Ligurian olives, Meredith Farm goat’s cheese (GF)

Pane De Truta $19.50
Tasmanian smoked trout pate, salmon roe, croutons

Sardine $25.50
West Australian sardines, taramasalata, sourdough, olive oil

Ostriche $4.50
Freshly shucked Pacific oysters, natural with lemon, Tasal smoked salmon, mascarpone & Avruga caviar & Prosecco jelly

Caprise $19.00
Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, balsamic vinegar, basil (GF) (V)

Fiori Di Zucchini $25.00
zucchini flowers, spanner crab, organic greens

Capesante $30.00/$45.00
Half shell Stanley scallops, lime butter, hazelnut crumb

Cozze $26.00
Tasmanian black lip mussels, chili, Canti pinot grigio, fettucini

Vongole $26.00
Cloudy Bay clams, garlic, olive oil, continental parsley, fettucini

Calamari $26.00/$39.00
Haloumi, cucumber, mint, citrus dressing (GF)

Il Nalone $POA
Flinders Island green-lip abalone, Swiss brown mushrooms, mini king mushrooms, white truffle oil, potato (GF)

Melone Proscuitto $23.00
Cantaloupe, prosciutto, olives, olive oil (GF)

Fettucini Di Mare $44.50
Queensland fin-fish, Tasmanian black-lip mussels, Tasal smoked salmon, calamari, Cloudy Bay clams, Mooloolaba tiger prawns, garlic, chili, olive oil (gluten free pasta available)

Gamberi $27.00/$43.50
Mooloolaba King prawns, zucchini, lemon, lime, macadamia nut oil, fettuccini (gluten free pasta available)

Moreton Bay Bugs $30.50/$45.50
Tomato, garlic, roasted chili, potato mash (GF) OR Garlic, herb butter, dill, potato mash (GF)

Pesce $44.00
Fish of the day, cannellini beans, spinach, tear drop tomatoes, lemon (GF)

Taste of Queensland $59.00
Mooloolaba U10 cooked prawns, local scampi, whole Spanner Crab, Sand Crab and red oak lettuce salad (GF)

Manzo $48.50
220g Cape Grim Eye Fillet, onion marmalade, brussel sprouts, broccolini, balsamic reduction (GF)
ADD Moreton Bay Bug $13.00

Vendure $14.00
Spring green vegetables, garlic oil (GF) (V)

Patatine Fritte $12.00
Shoe string potato fries (GF) (V)

Potate $14.00
Kifler potatoes, garlic, parsley, lemon (GF) (V)

Insalata Di Foglie Verdi $15.50
Organic Green Shed Little Gem lettuce, herbs, watermelon radish, pepitas

Insalata Di Spinaci $17.50
Baby spinach, peas, roasted chilli, Meredith Farm goat’s cheese, lemon, olive oil (GF) (V)


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  • Formaggio
  • Dolci
Cheese Selection
A selection Italy’s finest cheeses as listed below, served with walnut log and crisps. All natural cheeses vary with the seasons according to animal husbandry and diet. Cheeses are sourced from Italy and are the best available at any time of the year.

1 Cheese $16.00
2 Cheese $32.00
3 Cheese $48.00

Daiquiri Alla Fregola $18.00
Strawberry daiquiri La Vida style

Sorbetto Alla Margareta $18.00
Tequila sorbet, black salt, lime

Sorbetto Alla Torta Di Mele $18.00
Apple pie sorbet, grenola crumb, apple tuille

Semifreddo $18.00
Franjelico and Hazelnut ice cream, caramel

Pannacotta $18.00
Vanilla cream, mixed fresh berrys, dried strawberries

Tiramisu $18.00
Description to go here

Affogato $18.00
Description to go here

A little about

Our Wine List

Our list is compiled with all palates in mind, from the old wines to the new varieties, Australian icons to some of New Zealand’s finest, Tasmanian splendour and a taste of some European charm, we hope our list will cater to all.

Our wines are listed stylistically for your selection convenience, this will enable you to select by “weight” if you are looking for an unwooded, crisp dry white wine look in the front pages and if you are looking for a rich, bold,
intensely flavoured red wine look toward the rear.

If you would like to sample any wine that is not listed by the glass,
please do not hesitate to ask Sarah or Julien for assistance.

We endeavour to keep vintages up to date, please excuse us if they have
changed after the wine list has gone to print or if stock is unavailable.

We hope you enjoy the journey through our wine and food menu’s as much as we have creating them.

Nicholas and Sarah

Wine List

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15 Velvet and Willow Pinot Noir Chardonnay 15
Pipers River, Tas

NV Canti Prosecco DOC Brut 11
Veneto, Italy

NV Veuve Ambal Cuvee Rose 12
Burgandy, France

NV Billecarte Brut Reserve 26
Mareuil-Sur-Ay, France


17 Moore’s Hill Riesling 15
Tamar Valley, Tas

17 Rippon Riesling 21
Central Otago, N.Z.

18 11 Minutes Pasqua Rose 15
Verona, Italy

18 Mr Fox Moscato 10
Central Victoria, Vic


18 Lisdillon Sauvignon Blanc 12
East Coast, Tasmania

18 Bay of Fires Pinot Gris 16
Pipers Brook, Tas

16 Canti Pinot Grigio 11
Veneto, Italy


18 Tolpuddle Chardonnay 29
Coal River Valley, Tas

18 Berrigan Chardonnay 12
Mt Benson, S.A.


16 Jones Road Pinot Noir 17
Mornington Peninsula, Vic

17 Moores Hill Pinot Noir 14
Tamar Valley, Tas

18 Chartley Estate Black Crow Pinot Noir 18
Rowella, Tas


17 Hazelgrove Cabernet Sauvignon 13
McLaren Vale, S.A.


16 Berrigan Shiraz 11
Mount Benson, S.A.

18 Bernardino Chianti DOCG 11
Arezzo, Italy


04 House of Arras EJ Carr Late Disgorged 336
Tamar Valley, Tas

15 Velvet and Willow Cuvee 75
Pipers River, Tas

N/V Veuve Clicquot 147
Reims, France

06 Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage 210
Epernay, France

NV Billecarte- Salmon Brut Reserve (375 ml) 98
Mareuil-Sur-Ay, France

N/V Billiecart-Salmon Rose 185
Mareuil-Sur-Ay, France

NV Veuve Ambal Cuvee Rose 49
Burgandy, France

NV Segura Viudas Reserva Heredad Cava 90
Torrelavit, Spain

NV Canti Prosecco 52
Veneto, Italy

NV Piccini Prosecco Extra Dry DOC 60
Veneto, Italy


17 Moore’s Hill Riesling 59
Tamar Valley, Tas

17 Bream Creek Riesling 59
Marion Bay, Tas

19 Hughes & Hughes Riesling 60
Derwent Valley, Tas

14 Terra Sancta Slapjack Riesling 58
Central Otago, N. Z

17 Rippon Riesling 81
Central Otago, N.Z.

18 Grosset Polish Hill Riesling 135
Clare Valley, S.A.


18 Listel Grain de Grain 42
Multi-regional, France

18 11 Minutes Pasqua Rose 60
Verona, Italy

18 Mr Fox Moscato 38
Central Victoria, Vic


18 Bay of Fires Pinot Gris 80
Tamar Valley, Tas

18 Piper Brook Estate Pinot Gris 72
Pipers Brook, Tas

18 Musselroe Pinot Gris 58
Multi-Regional, Tas

14 Canti Pinot Grigio 48
Veneto Italy

18 Fattoria Pinot Grigio 46
Veneto, Italy

18 Cantina Colterenzio Pinot Grigio 49
Alto Adige, Italy


18 Chartley Estate Sauvignon Blanc 66
Tamar Valley Tas

18 Bay of Fires Sauvignon Blanc 80
Tamar Valley, Tas

18 Lisdillon Sauvignon Blanc 49
East Coast, Tas

19 Storm Bay Sauvignon Blanc 47
Coal River, Tas

17 Frogmore Creek Fume Blanc 55
Coal River Valley, Tas

18 Shaw and Smith Sauvignon Blanc 60
Adelaide Hills, S.A.

18 Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc 58
Marlborough, N.Z.

18 The Pass Sauvignon Blanc 49
Marlborough, NZ


14 Cullen Mangan Vineyard Semillon 55
Margaret River, W.A.

18 Capel Vale Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 54
Margaret River, W.A.


18 Wateron Hall Viogner 69
Tamar Valley, Tas

16 Mount Adam Gewürztraminer 54
Eden Valley, S.A.

17 Rippon Gewürztraminer 69
Central Otago, N.Z.

17 2029 Tessari Grisela Soave Classico DOC
Monteforte D’Alpone, Italy


17 Eddystone Point Chardonnay 66
East Coast, Tasmania

18 Tolpuddle Chardonnay 120
Coal River Valley, Tas

16 Jones Road Chardonnay 68
Mornington Peninsula, Vic

17 Caledonia Australis Chardonnay 52
Gippsland, Vic

18 Petaluma Chardonnay 55
Adelaide Hills, S.A.

18 Hazelgrove Staff Chardonnay 52
Adelaide Hills, S.A.

18 Berrigan Chardonnay 45
Mount Benson, S.A.


18 Chartley Estate Pinot Noir 78
Tamar Valley, Tas

17 Pipers Brook Block A10 Pinot Noir 114
Pipers Brook, Tas

18 Hughes & Hughes Pinot Noir 79
Derwent Valley, Tas

17 Bream Creek Pinot Noir 86
Marion Bay, Tas

17 Frogmore Creek Pinot Noir 68
Coal River Valley, Tas

17 Elsewhere Pinot Noir 92
Huon Valley, Tas

16 Jones Road Pinot Noir 68
Mornington Peninsula, Vic

17 Caledonia Australis Pinot Noir 55
Gippsland, Vic

18 Pike & Joyce Rapide Pinot Noir 42
Adelaide Hills, S.A.

18 Felton Road Bannockburn Pinot Noir 122
Central Otago, N.Z.


17 Freeman Corvina Rondinella 38
Hilltops, N.S.W.

18 Bernardino Chianti DOCG 45
Arezzo, Italy

15 Bocelli Sangiovese 46
Tuscany, Italy

15 Poggiopano Chianti Classico 80
Tuscany, Italy

17 Famiglia Pasqua Valpolicella DOC 60
Verona, Italy

17 Patrizi Barbera 48
Piedmont, Italy

17 Brackenwood Vineyard Barbera 42
Adelaide Hills, S.A.

15 Renato Corino Barolo Del Comune di la Morra 198
La Morra, Italy

18 Cantine di Dolianova Prendas Vermintino Di Sardegna 51
Sardinia, Italy

16 Cascina Ghercina Nebbiolo 60
Novello, Italy


04 Domaine A Merlot 162
Campania, Tas

07 James Irvine Grand Merlot 225
Eden Valley, SA

03 Star Lane Merlot 125
Beechworth, Vic


10 Canti Estate Barbera d’Asti Superior DOCG 42
Venice, Italy

14 Andrea Oberto Barolo DOCG 127
La Morra, Italy


09 Torbreck The Pict Mataro 237
Barossa Valley, S.A.

18 Head Old Vine Grenache 61
Basrossa Valley, S.A.


05 Domaine A Cabernet Sauvignon 260
Coal River Valley, Tas

06 Domaine A Cabernet Sauvignon 250
Coal River Valley, Tas

98 De Bortoli Melba Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 210
Yarra Valley, Vic

04 Mount Mary Quintet (Cabernet blend) 276
Yarra Valley, Vic

12 De Bortoli Melba Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 98
Yarra Valley, Vic

07 Elderton Ashmead Cabernet Sauvignon 175
Barossa Valley, S.A.

08 Grant Burge Shadrach Cabernet Sauvignon 336
Barossa Valley, S.A.

16 Elderton Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 37
Barossa Valley, S.A.

17 Parker Cabernet Sauvignon 48
Coonawarra, S.A

17 Hazelgrove Cabernet Sauvignon 52
McLaren Vale, S.A.

09 Jeffrey Grosset Gaia (Cabernet Sauvignon/Franc) 214
Clare Valley, S.A.

08 Cullen Diana Madeline 162
Margaret River, W.A.

17 Woodlands Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 45
Margaret River, W.A

17 Tertini Hilltops Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 52
Southern Highlands, N.S.W.


17 Waterton Hall Old Vine Shiraz 75
Tamar Valley, Tas

18 Mewstone Syrah 112
Derwent Valley, Tas

10 Best’s Great Western Thomson Family Shiraz 348
Great Western, Vic

04 Torbreck Runrig Shiraz 550
Barossa Valley, S.A.

07 Torbreck RunRig Shiraz 400
Barossa Valley, S.A.

09 Torbreck Runrig Shiraz 370
Barossa valley, S.A.

11 Hewitson Ned & Henry’s Shiraz, Mourvedre 89
Barossa Valley, S.A.

12 Grant Burge Meshach Shiraz 330
Barossa Valley, SA

17 Grant Burge Filsell Shiraz 90
Barossa Valley, S.A.

18 St Hallet Black Clay Shiraz 42
Barossa Valley, S.A.

16 Reynella Basket Pressed Shiraz 125
McLaren Vale S.A.

17 Seldom Inn Shiraz 48
McLaren Vale, S.A.

16 Berrigan Shiraz 45
Mount Benson, S.A.

17 Amelia Park Shiraz 61
Margaret River, W.A.

Beer & Cider

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  • Beer
  • Cider

Boags Premium, Tasmania 10

Cascade Premium Lite, Tasmania 9.5

Heads of Noosa Japanese Lager, Noosa, Queensland 9.5

Modus Operandi Sonic Prayer IPA, Queensland 9.5

Balter XPA, Queensland 10

White Rabbit Dark Ale, Victoria 10

Coopers Stout, Victoria 10


Peroni, Milan, Italy 9.5

Moretti, Sicily, Italy 10

Menabrea Italian Pilsner, Italy 11

Isaac Witbier, Italy 11

Asahi, Japan 9.5

Corona, Mexico 9.5

Twisted Sister Apple Cider, Victoria 9

Franks Cherry Pear Cider, Tasmania 9

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